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Dolphin Trip

What could be better than to see these beautiful animals then in their natural habitat.  This is an all day trip from 8.30am - 4pm and there will be lunch and drinks provided on board the boat.  For our customers who are strong swimmers, there will be an opportunity for you to swim with the dolphins in the open water, however if you are not a confident swimmer you will not miss out on seeing them as they will be visible from the boat.  We also offer 2 snorkel stops with this trip where you can see plenty of marine life under the waves.

If you would rather book this trip as a VIP experience where there are limited groups of people on the boat, there would be a small increase in price and breakfast is also included.  We can also offer this trip privately where you will have the boat to yourself for you and your family.

Dolphin trip hurghada 1.jpg
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